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Hypomyces cervinigenus

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by Michael Kuo

This species of Hypomyces is fairly easy to identify, since it appears to choose only species of Helvella as its victims, coating them slowly with whitish to pinkish mold. It is probably safe to pin your identification on this fact alone; no other species of Hypomyces, to my knowledge, is documented on Helvella (and anyway, if there are actually seven microscopically distinct Hypomyces species on Helvella that look the same to the naked eye, do you really care?).


Ecology: Parasitic on various species of Helvella, which have diverse habitats; widely distributed and common throughout North America.

Fruiting Body: A powdery, mold-like covering that is whitish or pinkish at first, and eventually pale brownish.

Microscopic Features: Ascospores spindle-shaped; often septate; smooth; without apiculi but with pointed ends; 15-25 x 2-4 µ.

REFERENCES: Rogerson & Simms, 1971. (Rogerson & Simms, 1971; USDA, 2006.)

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Hypomyces cervinigenus

Hypomyces cervinigenus

Hypomyces cervinigenus

Hypomyces cervinigenus

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