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Tricholomopsis decora

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by Michael Kuo

There may be several North American species going under the European name "Tricholomopsis decora," but for the present they are perhaps best treated as a species group, characterized by the ecology (decaying the wood of conifers), the yellow colors, and the fine brownish scales covering the cap surface, especially toward the center. The spore print is white, and a drop of KOH on the cap surface produces a pink to red reaction.

Similar species include Tricholomopsis sulphureoides (with yellow scales and brighter yellow colors overall), Tricholomopsis thompsoniana (with a bald cap), and Tricholomopsis bella (cap hairy but not truly scaly); microscopic features also separate these species, according to Smith (1960).


Ecology: Saprobic on the wood of conifers, especially hemlocks; growing alone, scattered or gregariously; summer and fall; widely distributed in North America.

Cap: 2-8 cm; convex with an incurved margin, becoming broadly convex, flat, or centrally depressed with the margin somewhat wavy; moist when young; yellow; covered, at least over the center, with small brownish to grayish scales.

Gills: Attached to the stem; close or crowded; yellow.

Stem: 2-8 cm long; 0.5-1 cm thick; more or less equal; hollow; pale yellow; bald.

Flesh: Yellow to pale yellow.

Odor and Taste: Not distinctive.

Chemical Reactions: KOH pink to red on cap surface.

Spore Print: White.

Microscopic Features: Spores 6-7.5 x 4.5-5 µ; smooth; more or less elliptical; inamyloid. Pleurocystidia rare; barely projecting beyond basidia. Cheilocystidia abundant; variously shaped; 36-62 x 9-20 µ. Gill trama slightly interwoven. Clamp connections present. Pileipellis a cutis of clamped, yellow-brown elements 3-12 µ wide, with uplifted bundles of dark brown hyphal ends (the scales).

REFERENCES: (Fries, 1821) Singer, 1939. (Saccardo, 1887; Smith, 1949; Smith, 1960; Smith, 1975; Smith, Smith & Weber, 1979; Breitenbach & Krãnzlin, 1991; Phillips, 1991/2005; Lincoff, 1992; Barron, 1999; McNeil, 2006; Miller & Miller, 2006; Trudell & Ammirati, 2009.) Herb. Kuo 10010402, 07281202.

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Tricholomopsis decora

Tricholomopsis decora

Tricholomopsis decora

Tricholomopsis decora

Tricholomopsis decora

Tricholomopsis decora

Tricholomopsis decora

Tricholomopsis decora

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