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Pholiota velaglutinosa

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by Michael Kuo

Pholiota velaglutinosa is a West-Coast species that grows scattered or in small troops (not typically in the dense clusters that characterize many species of Pholiota) under pines, appearing to be terrestrial. Its reddish brown cap is thickly slimy when fresh, and its partial veil is also slimy. Other defining features are primarily microscopic (see below).


Ecology: Saprobic; growing alone or scattered on the ground under pines (especially Bishop Pines in coastal forests); fall through spring; California and Oregon.

Cap: 3-10 cm; convex, becoming flat with a raised margin; thickly slimy when fresh; often with small pale partial veil remnants near the margin; smooth; reddish brown, fading to brown; sometimes with a slightly streaked appearance.

Gills: Attached to the stem or beginning to run down it; close; very pale tan becoming brownish; at first covered by a slimy partial veil.

Stem: 3-10 cm long; under 1 cm thick; more or less equal; pale greenish yellow and smooth near the apex; with a flimsy and soon-disappearing, slimy ring; shaggy and off-white to yellowish or brownish below the ring; darkening to brown or reddish brown with age or handling; basal mycelium white.

Flesh: Pale greenish yellow when fresh.

Odor and Taste: Odor fragrant or not distinctive; taste mild or slightly bitterish.

Chemical Reactions: KOH flashing olive green, then resolving to grayish brown on the cap surface.

Spore Print: Brown.

Microscopic Features: Spores 6-7.5 x 4-4.5 µ; smooth; more or less elliptical; with a tiny apical pore; brownish in Melzer's or KOH. Pleurocystidia abundant; fusoid-ventricose; walls up to 1.5 µ in the ventricose portion; up to 80 X 20 µ; contents sometimes yellowish-brownish in the upper portion. Caulocystidia fusoid-ventricose to fusiform; up to 60 X 20 µ. Pileipellis a thick (over 100 µ) gelatinous layer of filamentous hyphae 2-3 µ wide above a layer of densely packed reddish brown (in KOH), encrusted hyphae. Clamp connections present.

REFERENCES: Smith & Hesler, 1968. (Smith & Hesler, 1968; Scates & Gospodnetich, 1981.) Herb. Kuo 01150510.

Further Online Information:

Pholiota velaglutinosa in Smith & Hesler (1968)


Pholiota velaglutinosa

Pholiota velaglutinosa

Pholiota velaglutinosa

Pholiota velaglutinosa

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