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Peziza repanda

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by Michael Kuo

For the most part, brown cup fungi are very difficult to identify. Peziza repanda, however, has enough distinctive features to make it "unique" among the many boring, brown cups belonging to the Ascomycetes. Look for:

  • Growth on rotted wood or wood chips.
  • A brown upper surface (at maturity) that is usually somewhat wrinkled near the center.
  • A whitish and minutely fuzzy under surface.
  • A round, cuplike shape when young, and a flattened-irregular shape when mature.
  • Attachment to the wood under the center of the mushroom, rather than under the whole cup.
  • Thin, brittle flesh (rather than thick and gelatinous).
  • Smooth, elliptical spores that lack oil droplets.

Rather a long list, but if you have matched all of these features (unfortunately, microscopic examination of spores is probably a necessity), you have found Peziza repanda. Be sure to compare with Pachyella clypeata.

When young, Peziza repanda is very pale or even whitish overall, and it displays a central, stemlike structure. This stage is rarely illustrated or discussed in field guides. Gradually the upper surface darkens to brown, and the "stem" becomes negligible in proportion to the cup.


Ecology: Saprobic on well-decayed logs, usually on the wood of hardwoods but occasionally on wood chips or on the ground in soil that is rich with decayed wood; growing alone, gregariously, or clustered; typically found in colder weather (spring and fall in temperate regions), but sometimes appearing in summer; widely distributed in North America.

Fruiting Body: Initially pale brown or whitish overall; cup-shaped; the under surface minutely fuzzy and the upper surface smoother; with a tiny stem-like structure. In maturity flattened-irregular or bent backwards; 6-12 cm across; the margin often splitting; upper surface brown and smooth, often "pinched" or somewhat wrinkled over the center; under surface whitish and minutely fuzzy; attached to the substrate centrally, without a stem. Odor none. Flesh brownish or pale; brittle.

Microscopic Features: Spores 11-16 x 6-10 µ; smooth; elliptical; without oil droplets. Asci eight-spored; up to 225 x 15 µ.

REFERENCES: Persoon, 1806. (Seaver, 1928; Smith, Smith & Weber, 1981; Arora, 1986; States, 1990; Lincoff, 1992.) Herb. Kuo 10100402, 01160507, 05240501.

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Peziza repanda

Peziza repanda

Peziza repanda

Peziza repanda

Peziza repanda

Peziza repanda
Asci and Spores

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