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Limacella glischra

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by Michael Kuo

Good luck picking Limacella glischra; when fresh its stem is so slimy that you can barely grab it with your fingers. Fortunately, the slimy stem turns out to be an important identification character, along with the reddish brown cap. The slime itself is reddish brown, and can be wiped away from the stem surface to reveal the pale color beneath. The cap, however, is reddish brown underneath the slime, at least in the center.

This species is not frequently described and illustrated in field guides, but it is fairly distinctive and apparently not uncommon. It appears under hardwoods or conifers, and has been reported from coast to coast.


Ecology: Mycorrhizal or saprobic; growing alone or scattered under hardwoods or conifers; summer and fall; widely distributed in North America.

Cap: 2-4 cm; convex or with a broad central bump; thickly slimy with reddish brown slime when fresh; pale brownish to reddish brown beneath the slime; darker centrally.

Gills: Free from the stem or attached by a tiny notch; close; white.

Stem: 6-8 cm long; up to 1 cm thick; more or less equal; covered with reddish brown slime; whitish beneath the slime; fairly smooth.

Flesh: Whitish.

Odor and Taste: Mealy.

Spore Print: White.

Microscopic Features: Spores 3-4 µ; round or nearly so; smooth; inamyloid; gill tissue divergent.

REFERENCES: (Morgan, 1906) Murrill, 1914. (H. V. Smith, 1945; Smith, Smith & Weber, 1979; McKnight & McKnight, 1987.) Herb. Kuo 08260501.

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Limacella glischra

Limacella glischra

Limacella glischra

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