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Figure 1: Habitat information for Leccinum rugosiceps from online herbarium records

Note: 27 records without habitat information are excluded from the table below. Habitat for these collections may or may not be provided in collectors' notes and other associated documents in the herbaria. One record in BPI from California in 1926 (collector E. E. Morse) appears aberrant and has been excluded. 27 well documented collections in NY from Colombia and Costa Rica, all of which were made under species of Quercus, have been excluded to avoid repetition and to allow focus on North America.

Depositor#YearStateHabitat InformationHerbarium* / Notes

S. Stein140701987NYOak woods.NY
R. E. Halling37811984OHUnder oaks.NY
R. E. Halling62571989NYUnder beech & oak.NY
H. A. Kelly141919MDMixed woods, mostly Quercus.MICH
A. H. Smith16781935MIUnder Quercus.MICH
A. H. Smith184991942MIOpen Quercus woods.MICH
H. D. Thiers79431960LAUnder Quercus.MICH
D. Guravich12741981MSScattered in mixed woods.MICH
K. H. McKnight167281979MDUnder Pinus strobus.BPI
E. A. Dick26351966RIUnder hardwoods, mostly oaks little white pine.BPI
E. A. Dick27071967RIUnder oaks.BPI
W. A. Campbell21541949GAUnder young Quercus nigra.BPI
J. Z. Gailun22411958CTUnder Quercus.BPI
W. H. Snell20501947NCHotel lawn under oaks.BPI
S. Curtis25401963RIUnder oaks.BPI

Leccinum rugosiceps and Boletus rugosiceps searched in all databases.

* NY = New York Botanical Garden; MICH = University of Michigan; TENN = University of Tennessee; OSU = Oregon State University; BPI = US National Fungus Collections. Differences in database scripting allow me to link individual records only in the case of NY; to see individuals in other herbaria, perform a search from the linked pages. Warning: some of the database scripting is archaic, and some of the servers are extremely slow.

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