Errata for Mushroom Publications

by Michael Kuo

How to Know the Gilled Mushrooms

[Smith, A. H., Smith, H. V., & Weber, N. S. (1979). How to know the gilled mushrooms. Wm. C. Brown, Dubuque, Iowa. 334 pp.]

p. 73: lead 10a: change "mm" to "um"

p. 84: lead 11b: in place of "13" insert "15"

p. 134: for Pleurotus dryinus expand distribution to "on hardwoods, widely distributed"

p. 147: in description of Tricholomopsis change "pseudoamyloid" to "inamyloid"

p. 148: add "poisonous" to Tricholomopsis platyphylla

p. 151: leads 14a and 14b: delete information on cheilocystidia

p. 156: lead 1a, 1b: figure reference should be to "13" (not "12"); lead 1b: in place of "8" insert "18"

p. 179: lead 16b: in place of "18" insert "17"

p. 199: lead 16b: in place of "00" insert "31"

p. 309: discussion of Paxillaceae: delete 4th. line from bottom in right column

p. 328: entry for Bolbitius vitellinus should read page "232," not "236"

p. 329: entry for "Cortinarius vanduserensis" should read "vanduzerensis"

p. 332: entry for "Pleurotus ostereatus" should read "ostreatus"


Smith et al.

Unofficial corrections, given to me after having been photocopied, re-photocopied, and handed down by many mushroomers. Anyone who has used this wonderful book knows that, in a few places, the numbering in the keys is faulty or missing. These corrections seem to fix many of the problems in my edition. Corrections to the index provided by Darvin DeShazer.

How to Identify Mushrooms to Genus IV: Keys to Families and Genera

[Stuntz, D. E. (1973). How to identify mushrooms to genus IV: Keys to families and genera. Mad River Press, Eureka, California. 94 pp.]

Page 43:

2. Hymenophoral trama bilateral or divergent....................3

2. Hymenophoral trama convergent (inverse) or regular to irregular...9

Page 44

10. Spores angular in both lateral and polar view; surface of the spore not ornamented......Entolomataceae

10. Spores angular in polar view only; surface of the spore warted or spinulose or longitudinally striate.....11

10. Spores smooth; if ornamented, not angular and/or pink in mass..................12



Apparently official corrections, printed on a small insert provided by the publisher.

The Boletes of North America: A Compendium

[Both, E. E. (1993). The boletes of North America: A compendium. Buffalo Museum of Science, Buffalo, NY. 436 pp.]

Page 51:

for "Suillus borealis Smith, Smith & Miller"
read "Smith, Thiers & Miller"

Page 129:

under Boletus frustulosus:
for "Gastrobletus fascifer"
read "Gastroboletus fascifer"

Page 148/149:

under Suillus helenae:
insert "Habitat: Gregarious under Pinus contorta, Oregon."

Page 189/190:

under Suillus lutescens:
for "Keyed in Smith (1973)"
read "Keyed in Smith & Smith (1973)"

Page 267:

Tylopilus rhoadsiae is mis-alphabetized, and should appear before Boletus rhodoxanthus on p. 265

Page 280:

for "Gastroboletus ruber Cazares & Trappe"
read "Gastroboletus ruber (Zeller) Cazares & Trappe"

Page 424:

after "GYRODON monticola" add "186"

Page 430:

under XANTHOCONIUM affine:
for "var. reticultum" read "var. reticulatum"



Apparently official corrections, printed on a small insert provided by the publisher.

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