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Chroogomphus pseudovinicolor

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by Michael Kuo

This is a robust species of Chroogomphus associated with Ponderosa Pine or Douglas-Fir in the western mountains. Its stem is quite thick (up to 4 or 5 cm wide at the apex), and distinctively covered with reddish fibers and scales. It has an olive green to brownish green spore print and, as a result, the gills frequently display an olive cast.


Ecology: Mycorrhizal with Ponderosa Pine and Douglas-Fir; typically growing in small clusters of 2-3 mushrooms, but sometimes growing alone or scattered; summer and fall (and early winter in coastal California); distributed in western North America.

Cap: 5-15 cm wide; convex becoming planoconvex; dry; dull red to dull orange, with a paler margin; darkening to brownish red with age; smooth, but the margin frequently adorned with felty patches or fibers from the partial veil.

Gills: Running down the stem; distant or nearly so; often forking; pale orangish to yellowish at first, developing olive shades and finally turning olive-black as the spores mature.

Stem: 6-12 cm long; up to 5 cm wide; tapering to base; orangish and fairly smooth above the ring zone, but prominently scaly to hairy with reddish to purplish red fibers below; orangish underneath the scales and zones of fibers.

Flesh: Orangish; often yellow in the stem.

Odor and Taste: Not distinctive.

Spore Print: Greenish to olive black.

Microscopic Features: Spores 15-20 x 5-7.5 µ; smooth; narrowly elliptical to subfusoid. Cystidia fusiform to cylindric; up to about 200 x 20 µ; with thick walls reaching 5-6 µ wide. Pileipellis a nongelatinized trichoderm.

REFERENCES: Miller, 1966. (Miller, 1966; Thiers, 1985; Arora, 1986; Bessette, Miller, Bessette & Miller, 1995; Miller, 2003.) Herb. DBG 24005.

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Chroogomphus pseudovinicolor

Chroogomphus pseudovinicolor

Chroogomphus pseudovinicolor

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