Thinleaf alder (Alnus tenuifolia)

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Small tree growing along western mountain streams; leaves coarsely toothed, 2-4 inches long, stretched-oval, with 6-9 pairs of veins.

by Michael Kuo

Habitat: Found in western North America along mountain streams, or around mountain lakes and bogs.

Stature: Up to 30 feet high; trunk to 8 inches in diameter; when mature featuring a narrow, rounded crown.

Leaves: 2-4 inches long; simple; sometimes very slightly lobed; coarsely and doubly toothed; dark green above; paler below; with 6-9 pairs of veins.

Bark: Thin; smooth when young, becoming a little scaly; gray to reddish brown.

Fruit: A tiny, nearly circular nut; cones up to about 1/2 inch long.

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Alnus tenuifolia

Alnus tenuifolia

Alnus tenuifolia

Alnus tenuifolia

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