MDCP Record for 02200901

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Collection Date: February 20, 2009

County or City:
State or Province:
Country: Cyprus

Collector's Notes: "Cap 4-10 cm, broadly to sharply conical, ridges beige, sometimes silvery and lobed in immature fruitbodies, +/- longitudinally parallel and irregularly connected to form large, asymmetrically elongated pits, attached to the stem without an inward bend. Pits brownish beige or grey, distinctly darker than the ridges. Stem 2-6 cm x 1-2.5 cm, +/- wrinkled, granular, hollow, ocherish to greyish beige, base often bulbous or clavate. Flesh elastic, white, ridges and stem occasionally with russet or ochre staining. Smell mild or undetectable. taste mild. Spores 19.8-23.9 x 14-15.3. Season & Habitat mid to late February in small groups, on disturbed ground, in fields, parks, or along pathsides, always on calcareous soil, in or around coastal urban and suburban areas."

Note: This collection has been identified as Morchella rufobrunnea.

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