MDCP Record for 05100602

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Collection Date: May 10, 2006

County or City: Emmet
State or Province: MI
Country: USA

Collector's Notes: Collected in same location as 05130306 (Taxon 13/B): a church yard within 50 yards of Lake Michigan; sandy soil; white pine and maples scattered across collection location; in grass. Seven specimens collected, some slightly past maturity. Caps 3-6 cm high; 2-5 cm side; irregularly shaped but usually subovate with a slightly narrowed upper portion. Pits and ridges irregular; without symmetry. Pits irregularly shaped; often quite large; black, becoming pale brown, grayish brown, or reddish brown. Ridges to 1 mm wide; smooth or minutely pubescent; pale grayish tan; eroding; eventually concolorous with mature pits. Base of cap adnate. Stem to 3.5 cm long and 3 cm wide at base; usually with basal ribs and folds, and a swollen bottom section; surface smooth, creamy to pale brownish, discoloring watery reddish brown; hollow. Interior surfaces finely mealy-granular; creamy white. Context creamy white; unchanging. Odor not distinctive.

Note: This is the HOLOTYPE collection for Morchella prava, designated in Kuo et al., 2012.

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