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Collection Date: April 09, 2006

County or City: Coles
State or Province: IL
Country: USA

Collector's Notes: Black morels. One primary specimen and a supplemental collection of seven nearby specimens. Near a roadside, in ground disturbed many years ago for the road bed; primary specimen in gravel and soil; litter layer primarily oak leaves; supplemental specimens a little deeper into the woods; two mature ash trees (about 18" in diameter) within 10 feet; unidentified hardwood saplings under 1" in diameter across the collection site; southern and western exposure, though slope not great; at the top of a gully, on a ridge in woods dominated by oaks and hickories; site receiving plenty of afternoon sun due to break in canopy caused by road bed; pH 7; soil temperature 54 degrees at 4 inches; temperatures in the fifties following a cold spell and very heavy rains a few days before; site has produced yellow morels fairly consistently for about 15 years, and occasional black morels--but never this many at once (site checked casually but fairly regularly about twice a year during morel season for about 15 years).

Primary specimen 14.5 cm high; 4.5 cm wide at widest point. Cap 9 cm high by 4.5 cm at widest point; roughly conical, with a rounded top and the base curved in towards the stem. Ridges primarily vertical; very finely tomentose; about 1 mm wide; about 20 ridges transecting the circumference at the widest point; pale grayish brown (near oac800) where not darkened; darkening to nearly black; with only a few horizontal ribs. Pits pale grayish brown (near oac800); glabrous; occasionally with horizontal folds that do not rise to the level of the ridges and do not create a regularly "laddered" appearance. Base of cap formed by unbroken ridges that extend from the basal pits, creating a "rim" or channel that is about 5 mm wide at the widest point, and about 5-7 mm deep. Stem 6.5 cm long by 2 cm at widest point; flaring at apex to form surface of "rim"; enlarged basally and creased several times at the base to create basal ribs; surface finely dusted with whitish granules; otherwise glabrous; pale yellowish brown (near oac807); with white basal mycelium that is finely tomentose. Context thin; concolorous with the stem surface. Interior surface finely granular with whitish granules, in cap and stem. Odor earthy. Supplemental collection specimens without substantial morphological differences; ridges pale pinkish brown (near oac675) before blackening on some specimens; all roughly conical, with vertical ridges and irregular, sunken cross-ridges that appear vaguely laddered only on the smallest specimens. Chemicals (on one of the supplemental vouchers, 24 hours later, after storage in refrigerator): Ammonia negative on cap, stem, and interior; Iron salts pale gray on stem, dark gray to black on cap (both pits and ridges), negative on interior; 15% KOH yellowish on stem, negative on cap, faintly yellowish on interior.

Note: This is the EPITYPE collection for as Morchella angusticeps, designated in Kuo et al., 2012.

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