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Collection Date: March 11, 2006

County or City: Mason
State or Province: MI
Country: USA

Collector's Notes: Purchased from Diversified Natural Products in Scottville, MI (, shipped fresh to New York City for a meeting of the New York Mycological Society.

Reminiscent of Morchella rufobrunnea, with twisted-pointed caps, pale ridges, and nearly black pits, many of which are vertically arranged. Cap adnate to stem. Stem pale tan, very finely velvety. No parts appreciably rufescent. All specimens examined were immature. Stem surface with occasional tufts of chained-together inflated hyphae, hyaline in a KOH mount, with cylindrico-clavate terminal elements.

Cultivated under the supervision of Gary Mills, with material derived from a collection made by Frederick de Hoffman of the Salk Institute--probably made in California (not, however, derived from the R. Ower collection at San Francisco State University that eventually provided material for the Ower and Mills patent).

Note: This collection has been identified as Morchella rufobrunnea, and is cited in Kuo, 2008.

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