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Collection Date: March 29, 2005

County or City: Tulare
State or Province: CA
Country: USA

Collector's Notes: These morels were growing in a olive grove. They were growing right under the olive trees. The olive tree branches get mulched every year and the following year the morels come up on and around the olive wood mulch. Morels do not fruit here in first year mulch or mulch that is 3 years old. The mulch is made with branches of the olive trees when they are pruined. The stalks of these mushrooms are a brown color. These morels unlike in the photo often grow in clumps such as a clump of three mushrooms with the stalks being fuzed together at the base.

Note: This collection has been identified as Morchella rufobrunnea, and is cited in Kuo, 2008.

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