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Collection Date: June 17, 2004

County or City: Missoula
State or Province: MT
Country: USA

Collector's Notes: Black fuzzy (Grey morel). Burn date: Summer 2003. Habitat: East facing slope at approx 5000 feet. In this area the fire went through the understory but did not burn the crown. The morels at this collection site were all smaller in size as it was still getting very cold at night in this location even though it was the middle of June. This collection area was more diverse than an area that was picked less than a quarter mile away and downhill from this location. While this location produced green, brown, grey and conicas, the other area close by only produced green and brown morels. Note about the names used by collector: Around here "Grey Morel" seems to be a generic name for late season morels that appear after the conicas. The "greys" appear to encompass a couple different species, or subspecies, of morels.

Note: This collection has been identified as Morchella tomentosa, and is cited in Kuo, 2008.

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