MDCP Record for 05150405

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Collection Date: May 15, 2004

County or City: Hockley Valley
State or Province: ON
Country: Canada

Collector's Notes: Black Morel. Site Description: Roadside ditch, on west facing slope, among loose gravel disturbed by snowplow, elevation 1,360 ft. Found in close proximity to White Cedar and American Ash approximately 20 yrs old. Environmental Conditions: Air temperature 20 degrees C. Soil temperature 16 degrees C. Creek and runoff water 11 degrees C. Local pollen count for Birch and Maple high, Elm moderate. Other Plants: Grasses and Poke Weed where soil was stable. Soil: Sandy loam to depth of 8+ inches, L layer mostly deciduous leaf and twigs, F layer 1/2 inch, H layer 1/4 to 1/2 inch, A layer 1/4 inch, B&C layer undetermined.

Note, 2012: Collection not sequenced; not cited in Kuo et al., 2012.

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