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Collection Date: March 02, 2004

County or City: Jackson
State or Province: OR
Country: USA

Collector's Notes: Newspaper clipping enclosed, dating restoration of an old building on the collection site, as well as "re-landscaping the property," to about September of 2003. Photos of the collection site show wood chips surrounding the mushrooms; the sample wood chips submitted appear to be Sequoia sempervirens or Ulnus rubra wood. Photo of tree in collection site, along with submitted leaves, indicate Sequoia sempervirens. Collector notes the morels were more concentrated in areas near (a long-leaf grass); "I theorize that this plant is helpful by retaining water from nighttime condensation or rain." Photo with collection number represents the specimen submitted. Other mushroom photos represent other morels collected in the same location within a few days of the specimen collection. See also collection 03020402, from the same location on the same date.

Note: Collection appears to match Morchella importuna. Not sequenced; not cited in Kuo et al., 2012.

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