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Collection Date: May 10, 2003

County or City: Milwaukee
State or Province: WI
Country: USA

Collector's Notes: The sample (and others we picked) were small, fresh, supple, and 'young.' Day of picking: 60 degrees F, prior week was 45-55 degrees F. All mushrooms were found within 10 feet of a dead elm. Elms are interspersed among deciduous trees in a lightly forested area. Plenty of sunshine can penetrate. Soil is rich, moist loam. Morles grew among tall grasses. Our spring was very dry (area rivers were reduced to a trickle). We picked our morels about a week after the first decent (but not heavy) rain. There was a fresh burn site nearby along with some vehicle tracks and some vegetation that looked pressed down with heavy equipment. We also found some other morel hunters in the vicinity, so we were hot on the trail!

Note: This collection has been identified as Morchella esculentoides, and is cited in Kuo et al., 2012.

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