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Figure 1: Online herbarium records for Leccinum luteum

Depositor#YearStateHabitat InformationHerbarium*/Notes

R. E. Halling35131982NJUnder Carpinus & Fagus.NY / photo
R. E. Halling62141989NCUnder Carpinus.NY
H. E. Bigelow85861959MAHardwoods.NY
A. H. Smith104021938TN[No data.]MICH
A. H. Smith672631963MAOpen woods.MICH
A. H. Smith732521966MIUnder Carpinus.MICH / holotype
E. B. Lickey125252005TNAlong stream bank.TENN

No records labeled Leccinum luteum were found in BPI or OSU.

* NY = New York Botanical Garden; MICH = University of Michigan; TENN = University of Tennessee; OSU = Oregon State University; BPI = US National Fungus Collections. Differences in database scripting allow me to link individual records only for NY, TENN, and OSU; to see records in MICH and BPI, perform a search from the linked pages. Warning: some of the database scripting is archaic, and some of the servers are extremely slow.

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