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Figure 1: Habitat information for Leccinum albellum from online herbarium records

Note: 30 records without habitat information are excluded from the table below. Habitat for these collections may or may not be provided in collectors' notes and other associated documents in the herbaria.

Depositor#YearStateHabitat InformationHerbarium* / Notes

W. A. Murrill4341904VADeciduous woods.NY
W. A. Murrill5821904TNDeciduous woods.NY
W. A. Murrill5441904TNDeciduous woods.NY
W. A. Murrill5451904TNDeciduous woods.NY
W. A. Murrill5841904TNDeciduous woods.NY
W. A. Murrill6141904TNDeciduous woods.NY
W. A. Murrill9911904TNMixed woods. Evergreens predominating.NY
W. A. Murrill15571905DCRich deciduous woods.NY
W. A. Murrill16571905DCRich deciduous woods.NY
W. A. Murrill16951905VADense pine woods, mixed in some places with oak, chestnut, etc. Recent heavy rains had fallen.NY
W. A. Murrill17091905VADense pine woods, mixed in some places with oak, chestnut, etc.NY
W. A. Murrill17301905VADense pine woods, mixed in some places with oak, chestnut, etc.NY
W. A. MurrillNo #1908VADeciduous woods.NY
L. K. HenryNo #1931PAUnder red oak.NY
W. A. MurrillNo #1941FLIn frondose woods.NY
H. D. Thiers57081958TXMixed woods. Open pine hardwoods.NY
H. D. Thiers58291958TXSolitary in humus under hardwoods.MICH
H. D. Thiers68251959TXSolitary in humus under Quercus in mixed woods.MICH
H. D. Thiers79751960LAMixed pine-hardwood forest.NY
D. Guravich8561977MSIn hardwood duff.MICH / f. epiphaeum
D. Guravich10011980NCScattered to gregarious under bamboo.MICH
D. Guravich12161981MSScattered under hardwood.MICH
D. Guravich12531981MSScattered under magnolia-Pinus-Quercus wood.MICH
D. Guravich13011981MSUnder mixed woods.MICH
D. Guravich13161981MSIn mixed woods.MICH
K. A. Harrison114601971NCIn mixed woods.MICH
D. P. LewisNo #1981TXGregarious on Pinus hammock.MICH
K. H. McKnight165461979MDIn mixed hardwood-conifer forest.BPI
K. H. McKnight810819061981MDIn mixed hardwood-Pinus forest.BPI
E. A. DickNo #1947RIIn oak woods.BPI
E. A. DickNo #1959NHMixed woods.BPI
E. A. DickNo #1962NHUnder Betula papyrifera.BPI
D. H. LinderNo #1933MAIn open grassy field.BPI
D. J. McLaughlinNo #1961NHUnder Betula & mixed woods.BPI

Leccinum albellum and Boletus albellus searched in all databases. NY has Leccinum albellum incorrectly catalogued as "Leccinum albellus."

* NY = New York Botanical Garden; MICH = University of Michigan; TENN = University of Tennessee; OSU = Oregon State University; BPI = US National Fungus Collections. Differences in database scripting allow me to link individual records only in the case of NY; to see individuals in other herbaria, perform a search from the linked pages. Warning: some of the database scripting is archaic, and some of the servers are extremely slow.

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